Organizational Structure


Shri S. R. Wadhwa

Prof. Madhu Bhalla
Vice Chairman

Shri M. N. Krishnamurthy
Vice Chairman

Shri A. K. Jain

G.N. Srivastava
General Secretary


Rama Nath Jha
Executive Director

Rama Nath Jha, Executive Director Rama holds a Masters Degree in Law with specialization in Constitutional Law. He has authored six books on Good Governance Issues. He joined the TI movement in 2011. Mr. Jha has profound knowledge about issues such as governance, politics, and development. He also has past practical experience in diverse fields, such as working with disadvantage sections of the society as well as interacting and guiding young law students from top colleges of India. 


Nanhoo Kumar Mishra
Finance Officer

Nanhoo Kumar Mishra joined Transparency International India in October 2012. Prior to joining TII he was working in Centre for Equity Studies (Society). He is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University. 


Ajay Kumar
Manager, Administration


Ajay joined TI India in May 2005. He is a Science graduate from Magadh University, Bihar. Ajay takes cares & support of a number of important tasks in TI India on different projects, office management and office administration. He has also worked with Transparency International Bangladesh as Fredskorpset Norway Exchange Fellow during Aug. 2013 -Aug. 2014. He also has over 15 years of experience in graphics & printing. 



Pankaj Kumar
Director, ALAC & PAHAL

Pankaj holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from ICFAI Business School. He has over 5.6 years of experience in the non profit sectors. In his previous assignments, he has worked closely with social entrepreneurs, grassroots organizations, corporate houses and thousands of motivated volunteers and interns. He has expertise in social entrepreneurship, strategic interventions and brand building. He has been associated with TI India since 2013. 


Brij Bhooshan Singh
Deputy Director, Integrity Pact & PAHAL

Brij Bhushan Singh, a Law Graduate, earned an MBA degree in Human Resource Management from MTU University, Greater Noida.

He worked for a while in RSPL Limited, PTC Industries Limited and Dixon Technologies Limited. He has experience in the field of Human Resource Management and also in Print Media as a Journalist.

While working with TII, Mr. Singh attended several training on different issues of Public Procurement and Tools of Good Governance at National and International Level. 

His professional experience on Public Procurement and Tools of Good Governance is almost 5 years with TII. 

Alisha Koundal
Manager, Public Grievance 


Alisha is working with Transparency International India since August 2012. She is an Arts graduate from Shimla University(Himachal Pradesh).She has done one year diploma in Aviation, Hospitality &Travel Tourism from British Institute of Advanced Studies at Pathankot. Prior to joining TII she was worked with Unicon Investment Solution as a Team Leader.


Akash Kumar

Office Assistant


Akash joined Transparency International India in July 2014. Prior to joining TII he was working in Becon Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd.