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    Complaints Received

    “Over the years, Transparency International India (TII) has strived to ensure that corruption does not further spread its roots in our country and it is minimized as much as possible. We passionately believe that informed citizenry hold the public institutions and its functionaries more accountable.”

    Shri S.R. Wadhwa, Chairperson, TII
    “Conflict of interest has been a major bottleneck in the implementation of Anti-Corruption Laws in the country. Thus, TII with its anti-corruption mandate strives to create public awareness about Conflict of Interest and ensure that legislation related to the issue is implemented effectively.”
    Professor Madhu Bhalla, Vice Chairperson, TII

    “We at Transparency International India are engaged in twin objective of dealing with the menace of corruption and seeking good governance. Whereas we have been pursuing various themes of creating an opinion on these issues, we are equally concerned with ethics in education, especially at a young stage when the child learns basics of attitudes, behavior, and conduct.”

    P. S. Bawa, Advisor, TII

    “The focus these days is not only on fighting, eliminating, reducing, or minimizing corruption, but also on good governance. Therefore, TII is not only concerned with fighting the scourge of corruption, but also interested in good governance and emphasis on electoral reforms, reforms in criminal justice system, and espousal of the use of tools of governance.”

    Rama Nath Jha, Executive Director, TII

    Success Story

    Promoting Good Governance

    Under PAHAL project, TII helped more than thousands of people to use RTI to get their entitlements, seek information from government and put pressure on the service providers to bring transparency and accountability in service delivery systems.

    Our helpline (011-26-23-23-23)

    Our helpline number has been able to effectively set up a mechanism in which victims of corruption can approach us and seek efficient redressal. TII has dealt with several cases of corruption and helped more than hundreds of whistleblowers and thousands of victims/witnesses of corruption through our helpline.

    Importance of Integrity Pact

    Integrity pact has been the brainchild of TII and developed to help governments, businesses and the civil society organizations fight corruption in public procurement. Several Public Sector Undertakings have been reported that they were able to save the cost of the tenders through the use of Integrity Pact.

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