India Corruption Study

The aim of the India Corruption Study, taken up by Transparency International India (TI India) in alliance with CMS, is to sensitize the people of India against all-pervasive corruption faced on day-to-day basis by the Common Man.

Study also helps to track and study the impact of various initiatives like the recently enacted “Right to Information Act”, adoption of E – Governance and various administrative reforms being undertaken across the country to improve service delivery and reduce corruption.


India Corruption Study 2005

India Corruption Study 2008

India Corruption Survey

LocalCircles in collaboration with Transparency International India every year conducts an Online National Survey to ascertain the level of corruption in the country and check the citizen pulse on it. The data collected from the survey is then compiled in a comprehensive report called the ‘India Corruption Survey’.

Daily lives of common citizens and the problems they face when it comes to accessing basic services are the focus of this survey. It does not deal with any aspects of grand corruption as such. However, our results show that common citizens are becoming more and more aware of corruption related issues which is definitely a positive sign. As without being aware of their basic rights and the forms in which corruption is spreading in our country, nothing concrete can be done to save the country from this cancerous problem.

Our hope is that this survey is able to empower citizens and enable the government in the fight against corruption and make sure that such a malaise is combated in an effective manner.

India Corruption Survey 2017

India Corruption Survey 2018

India Corruption Survey 2019