Protection & Campaign for Whistle Blower

Whistleblowers play a key role in curbing corruption and exposing the culprits in any organization who indulge in corrupt practices. TII is actively involved in protecting and helping whistleblowers in their brave attempt to fight corrupt officials in their organization. Through our anti-corruption helpline we help thousands of whistleblowers from all over the country every year. Along with that, we engage with the government officials and agencies to ensure that the legislation related to Whistleblowers is implemented effectively in India. Through our campaign we oppose efforts to weaken the legislation.

Conflict of Interest

The issue of conflict of interest as an aspect of corruption has rarely been addressed frontally in discussions on corruption in India. Any discussion of conflict of interest, leading to veniality in public life and policy decisions, has been relegated to the fringes of anti-corruption debates and concerns. In recent years, however, we have seen a rising tide of concern in India over evidence that policy decisions have been subject to the private economic interests of elected representatives and government officials in public life. TII uses its platform to increase public awareness on this issue and ensure that the parliamentary process initiated to legislate on conflict of interest in 2013 reaches its fruition.