Dear Well-wishers,

Over the years, Transparency International India (TII) has strived to ensure that corruption does not further spread its roots in our country and minimize it as much as possible. Our fight against corruption heavily relies on your generosity.

Through our recent research publications like the State Transparency Report 2017 and 2018, Performance of Lokayukta in Indian States 2018, Transparency in Budgetary Process 2.0 and many more, we have been able to hold important public institutions accountable in their functioning. We passionately believe that informed citizenry hold the public institutions and its functionaries more accountable. Our research efforts have made citizens and other stakeholders aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of India. TII has directly helped more than hundreds of whistleblowers and thousands of victims/witnesses of corruption through our helpline.

TII will continue leading the battle against corruption and believes that through relentless efforts a lasting change will occur eventually in the country. We are a partner, not just a platform for fighting corruption. We look forward to your constant support and collaboration in the future.

Your confidence in TII’s Strategic and Constructive Anti-Corruption Agenda has allowed TII to achieve great heights in the field of Good Governance. It is only through your generous contributions that TII has been able to be successful.