TII has been providing training on Integrity Pact and Public procurement since the past five years. In the initial period the training was centralized and held in New Delhi where representatives of the Public Sector Undertakings attended the program. However, it was realized that TII needs to reach out to PSU’s relevant staff that could not travel and attend the centralized training programs.

The flexible training module has been designed after consultation with experts. The training modules have been designed to capture all the norms that a PSU needs to follow in carrying out a tender, possible negotiations and norms to be followed for adoption of Integrity Pact. The training program is conducted for relevant staff and vendors of the PSUs.

Corporate Support Forum (CSF)

TII has formed a Corporate Support Forum (CSF). The forum seeks to involve the public sector, private sector corporate bodies and multinational corporations in the fight against corruption and promote good governance.

Some activities cover under CSF:

  • Training Programs for Public Procurement Department under Specialist Topics:
      1. Implementation of Integrity Pact in the organization
      2. Identifying redflags in public procurement
      3. Identifying redflags in electronic –procurement
      4. Code of ethics for Business
      5. Whistleblower protection mechanism
      6. Monitoring of Corporate Social Responsibility work of Organization
      7. Risk Assessment
  • Training for Vigilance Department on Anti-Corruption issues
  • Consultation and workshop on various issues of promoting Ethical Business and Governance Manual.
  • Induction for Staff: To keep the staff informed about anti-corruption and
  • Good Governance laws and regulation in the Country like Right to Information, Right to Service, Prevention of Corruption Act, to name a few.
  • Assist companies in making Procurement Manual and Corporate Governance Manual.